Corns Callus / Heloma / Hyperkeratosis

Corns Callus

What is it?

Corn / Heloma

Small areas of callus containing a deep centre or nucleus that presses into the dermis causing pain. This can be classified as hard (heloma durum), soft (heloma molle).


An area of thickened skin.

Signs and Symptoms / Predisposing Factors

  • Occur in areas of high pressure
  • Normal protective response of the skin
  • Callus becomes pathological when very thick and thus causes pain
  • This may also result from congenital, hormonal, occupational and infective factors.


Treatment involves removal of callus with a scalpel followed by excision of the nucleus of the corn and deflection of pressure from site of lesion with protective padding, simple insoles or corrective orthotics.