Fungal infections of the toe nail

fungal infections of the toe nail

What is it?

This is a fungal infection of the nail bed and nail plate. The human nail and its bed provide a suitable environment for dermatophytes (a group of fungi) to flourish. Since dermatophytes feed off keratin, other nails will also be liable to attack.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Nail plate becomes thickened and brittle
  • Discolouration: Yellowish - brown
  • Porous / worm eaten appearance
  • White marks
  • Lifting of nail

Causes / Predisposing Factors

  • Poor foot hygiene
  • Sweaty feet
  • Communal showers/ pool areas
  • Failure to dry feet thoroughly
  • Infection usually starts at edge of nail and gradually spreads over the entire nail


To eradicate a fungal infection of the nail, continual careful treatment over many months may be required. Success depends largely on patient compliance.

Depending on severity, a topical antifungal or oral medication may be prescribed along with thinning down of the nail by a podiatrist. Disinfection of showers baths and shoes is necessary as well as attention to drying and personal hygiene.

Introducing New Neo V Laser Treatment for nails

Introducing New Neo V Laser Treatment for nails

We are now offering specialised laser treatment for fungal nails. This is an effective treatment with little complications and side effects. Treatment involves heating up the nail to eradicate fungus.