Plantar Warts / Verucca Pedis

Plantar Warts / Verucca Pedis

What is it?

A viral infection (human papiloma virus) of the foot. Verucca may be single or multiple mosaic.

Signs and Symptoms / Predisposing Factors

  • Can develop anywhere on the foot
  • Brown dots may be seen. These are indicative of small blood vessels (capillaries) that have grown into the core of the wart to supply it with blood.
  • There may be an overlying callus, especially underneath the foot due to pressure from standing and walking
  • If wart enlarges, walking may become painful
  • Multiple warts can coalesce to form flat mosaic warts


Treatment will take place when painful and when virus is starting to spread to other areas of the foot.

  • Cryotherapy (Liquid nitrogen) low temperatures are used to destroy tissues.
  • Chemical agents \ acids are applied to the area.
  • Electro - cautery utilises electricity in performance of surgery.
  • Disinfection of shoes, shower and bath to prevent re-infection and spreading to other family members.